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Veterans Food Bank of Alberta

May 23rd 2023
Canadian veterans have served their country with bravery and selflessness, yet many veterans in Alberta still struggle to make ends meet. With the rising cost of living and wages not keeping up, many veterans rely on food banks to help them get by. This is a heartbreaking reality for those who have served our country with honour and courage.

Why Veterans Need This Support

Veterans often face unique challenges that make transitioning back to civilian life difficult after serving their country. For example, veterans may have physical or mental health limitations, making finding employment difficult.

Additionally, many Alberta veterans can suffer financial hardship, making it hard to pay for necessities like food and housing. With inflation on the rise (Albertans paid 3.3% more in March 2023 for goods and services than they did last March), these concerns are exacerbated. Thankfully, there are supports in place, and that is where the Veterans Food Bank of Alberta comes in.

Thousands of veterans seek out help from food banks across Canada. In Calgary alone, the Veterans Food Bank of Alberta sees at least 100 every month. This number is significant and highlights the need for more support for veterans, especially those struggling to make ends meet.

What Resources or Programs Do They Have Access to at the Veterans Food Bank of Alberta? We recognize that food security is one piece of a puzzle. Our clients can receive financial assistance, therapy services, laundry facilities, clothing support, taxes and dental clinics.

Food Security and Clothing

Our clients can shop our shelves with the assistance of food bank volunteers. This allows them to choose items that are best for them and their families, including diabetic-friendly or gluten-free options. In the same way, we offer new and gently used clothing such as outerwear, workwear, and personal care items. We want to ensure our clients maintain their dignity throughout the process.

Financial Assistance

On a case-by-case basis, we can provide short-term relief to put our clients back on track. We review each application with care and consider every individual’s specific circumstances.

Therapy Services

Group and individual therapy are collaborative approaches to improving mental health, and the Veterans Food Bank of Alberta offers both options. Group therapy involves two or more people working to address a specific mental health concern. The group dynamic provides support and a sense of community, helping individuals feel more empowered as they work towards their goals. Individual therapy is often sought by people who need help facing challenging issues independently. The VFBA also offers PTSD evaluations, which are based on personal circumstances.

Tax and Dental Clinic

We recognize that financial health is essential to improving the overall health of our clients, so during tax season, we offer a free-of-charge tax clinic. We are also excited about our dental clinic coming soon as we recognize the importance of dental health.

CVSS Veterans Retreat

The CVSS Veterans Retreat is a ranch with over 142 acres of peace and quiet. An amazing place available to Veterans and First Responders to recharge and de-stress.

Who Do We Help?

We help veterans who are unemployed or underemployed, those who are disabled, and those who are facing other financial challenges. Our client base includes First Responders (police, fire, and EMS).

How Can New Clients Find Us?

We can be contacted through our website, but also by emailing us directly at or calling us at 403.277.8387.

Albertan veterans have made incredible sacrifices to serve their country and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We can ensure that those who have served our country receive the support they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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