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How to Support Veterans After Remembrance Day

November 20th 2023
Remembrance Day is a solemn occasion to honour and remember the sacrifices made by Canadian veterans. However, our support for these heroes resonates far beyond a single day. The veterans we hold in our hearts each November 11th persist well beyond the echoes of the Last Post. For those seeking ways to lend a helping hand throughout the rest of the year, here are meaningful avenues to continue supporting Canadian veterans and first responders after Remembrance Day:

Donate to Veteran Support Organizations

There are numerous organizations in Canada dedicated to supporting veterans. Wounded Warriors Canada is nationally recognized and provides mental health support. True Patriot Love Foundation supports active members, veterans, and their families. Soldier On, a program of the Canadian Armed Forces, contributes to the recovery of sick and injured CAF members and veterans. Of course, right here in Alberta, we support veterans and first responders in both Calgary and Edmonton with food security, therapy services, clothing and laundry facilities, financial assistance, and a tax and dental clinic. Your contributions can go a long way in providing essential services and assistance to veterans in need.

Volunteer Your Time

We are actively seeking volunteers to support veterans. For those unable to offer financial support, the gift of their time is equally valuable. Whether organizing events, providing companionship, or assisting with practical tasks, your involvement can help make a significant impact.

Mentorship Programs

Veterans transitioning to civilian life may face challenges adjusting to new careers. Participate in mentorship programs that help veterans navigate this transition. Share your expertise, offer guidance, and provide valuable insights to empower them in their post-military careers. In a few months, we'll be offering our tax clinic, which alleviates the stress and anxiety that arises from financial insecurities.

Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Show your support by choosing to do transactions with veteran entrepreneurs. Seek out products or services provided by veteran-owned businesses and encourage others to do the same. This support helps veterans integrate into the business community and promotes economic empowerment. Online resources help customers connect with locally, veteran-owned businesses such as Prince's Trust Canada.

Educate Others

Raise awareness about the challenges veterans face and the importance of ongoing support. Share information on social media, participate in discussions and encourage open dialogue about the needs of veterans in your community. Education is a powerful tool in fostering understanding and empathy. There is a lot of support and social media attention in the few weeks leading up to Remembrance Day; however, that dialogue needs to continue throughout the rest of the year for ongoing support.

Assist with Housing Solutions

Some veterans may struggle with housing issues. Whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or advocating for supportive policies, you can make a difference in ensuring veterans have stable living conditions.

Offer Professional Services

If you have professional skills such as legal advice, counselling, or financial expertise, consider offering assistance pro bono to veterans in need. Your expertise can help address specific challenges they may face as they transition to civilian life. We'd love to hear from you! Connect with us on how you can help.

Physical and Mental Health Support

Advocate for improved access to healthcare services for veterans. Offer your support to veterans' physical and mental well-being. Ways to assist include volunteering at veterans' health clinics or supporting initiatives that provide mental health resources.

Care Packages and Letters

Show appreciation by sending care packages or authentic and empathetic letters to active-duty military personnel and veterans. The Government of Canada has made posting messages easier through its online portal.

Participate in Remembrance Events Throughout the Year

While Remembrance Day is poignant, veterans should be honoured and remembered year-round. Attend and participate in events, ceremonies, and fundraisers dedicated to supporting veterans, keeping the spirit of remembrance alive beyond November 11th.
Supporting Canadian veterans is a year-round commitment that goes beyond Remembrance Day. Whether through financial contributions, volunteering, mentorship, supporting veteran-owned businesses, or advocating for improved services, there are numerous ways to positively impact the lives of those who have served their country. Let the spirit of remembrance guide your ongoing efforts to support and honour our Canadian veterans.

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